Your First Rental Property

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Welcome to Your First Rental Property! This video offers an overview of what you’ll learn in this course.


It might be tempting to approach the material in this course from a wide variety of angles, but in this lesson, we reveal why the course is structured the way it is, and why you should take a linear approach.

Alternately, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or a little lost, this lesson puts all of the modules together in a cohesive way. 🙂


We have some awesome forums that are part of this course, but you get as much value out of them as you put into them, so introduce yourself here and check them out!

Psst – there’s a forum thread for every single lesson in this course. Those threads are linked at the bottom of each lesson page.


As you may have noticed, there’s a lot of material in this course. If you ever feel like you’re falling behind, give this video a watch. (Or watch it to prepare yourself for the inevitable curveballs life will throw at you.)


If the second lesson on the module order wasn’t enough, this flowchart lesson provides an awesome 30,000 ft. overview of the entire course. We go from module-to-module, step-by-step, so you get a feeling for how all of this material fits together and what your journey may look like.

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