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Have you ever thought this?

  • "I feel like I should diversify into real estate, but I don't know where to start."
  • "Everything in my city is expensive. I'd need to invest out-of-state. But how?"
  • "This feels scarier than just buying index funds. I want to make sure I'm doing it right."
  • "I'm an accidental landlord, but I want my next property to be more intentional and more profitable."
  • "I keep getting trapped in analysis paralysis. I don't know if I'm making the right decision, so I don't take action."

If so, you're in the right place. 

We've rigorously tested the material in our premium course, Your First Rental Property, to make sure it solves your most pressing problems.

We spent three years in development, consulted with educational design experts, processed two rounds of beta students, and created improvements and iterations after sending our first 1,000 students through the doors.

We built this for you. We built this for your success. We're obsessed with it.

There are other so-called "course creators" out there who do the bare minimum. They throw some videos on Udemy or Teachable and claim they have a "course." They use the word "course" as a euphemism for "video series."


They're in the minor leagues. We're playing a different game.

Our course is rigorously tested and incredibly well-reviewed. Our alumni love the course and many return to mentor the incoming students. Our community shares suggestions, referrals, and helps each other build a network.

Our strategic mastermind groups make sure you're supported through the thick of the stressful process of making offers - going under contract - closing the deal, so that you get support when you need it most.

Our Office Hours -- live Q&A sessions held on Zoom -- take place twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, while class is in session.

Our Introvert Hours -- where you can submit a question in writing -- takes place weekly.

You get maximum support here. And once you're a student, you're in for life. We never offer upsells, never pressure you to upgrade to some premium tier. Once you're a student, you're in the family for life.

If you're ready for a 10-week intensive course that can turn you from a novice with a dream into a confident investor, enroll now.

This course is available THIS WEEK ONLY.

And at some point in 2021, our prices will rise.

Enroll now.

Here are two of my expensive mistakes (and a couple near-misses)...

Several years ago, I offered $95,000 for a three-bedroom home in the Atlanta suburbs. The seller accepted, and we went under contract.

During the inspection, I discovered that the house had serious mold issues, which would take several thousand dollars to remedy.

Yet at the time, I didn’t understand that I could negotiate aggressively during the inspection period. I thought it might be okay to ask for a small discount or concession, but I assumed that tougher negotiations at this stage might be unprofessional or rude.

I asked for a credit of $1,000 to deal with the mold. The seller agreed, and we closed the deal.

Looking back, I realize that I easily could have asked for a concession of $5,000 or more to compensate for the mold issue, and the seller likely would have granted my request. I overpaid by $4,000 due to my lack of knowledge.

This was an expensive mistake — or as I call it, tuition in the school of hard knocks.

It’s not the only expensive mistake I’ve made.

Far from it.

Mistake #2: That time I lost $11,800 because I was new, naïve, and didn't know better ...

The first property manager whom I hired was amazing. Unfortunately, because she was my first hire, I lacked the context to recognize her skill. 

Back then, I didn’t know how to hire or evaluate team members. I assumed that the players who filled these roles were easily interchangeable.

The top-notch manager charged 10 percent of gross rent. In a misguided effort to boost profits, I replaced her with a different manager who only charged 9 percent. 

Yet the replacement manager snapped blurry photos, published a poorly-written listing and dragged their feet for several days before returning phone calls. This resulted in a prolonged vacancy, which cost me $1,800 in two months of lost rent. 

The manager finally collected a single application, which came from a poorly-qualified tenant with several red flags on their application. 

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have approved this tenant’s application. I also should have insisted that the manager conduct biannual property walk-throughs during their tenancy (or I should have hired a manager who’s professional enough to just do that without being asked). 

But I didn’t know this at the time. 

This tenant proceeded to destroy the home, causing around $10,000 worth of damage. The responsibility for that damage falls on me. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. At the time, I didn’t know how to grow and lead a team. And I paid the price.

That was another early lesson from the school of hard knocks. My naivety cost me $11,800. 

I fired the underperforming manager, replaced him with the original top-notch manager, and the home soon became insanely, wildly profitable again. 

Today, this house is one of my best-performing assets.

Today I’m also significantly better at hiring, training and evaluating a team. And sharing the story of my expensive mistake — along with observations and lessons that I learned along the way — has spared countless others from repeating these errors.

Better Judgment Victory #1: That time I avoided buying a house that a real estate agent kept recommending ...

Thankfully, I’ve also dodged a handful of would-be expensive bullets.

One time, I was touring a triplex with a real estate agent. At the end of the tour, I asked about the average monthly water bill for the property.

The agent replied: “I don’t know, but if it’s high, you can always raise the rent.”

Fortunately, thank goodness, I knew enough to see through that statement. The rent is determined by the market, not by the owner’s hidden operating costs.

Not only did I refuse to accept that answer (and I insisted on viewing the previous 12 months of water and sewer bills), but I also refused to work with that same agent again.

That’s a setup for receiving bad advice and making a potentially expensive mistake.

Better Judgment Victory #2: I felt the sting of sunk-cost fallacy after paying $450 for one housing inspection ...

Another time, I made an offer on a duplex in the West End neighborhood of Atlanta. 

This duplex seemed like the perfect rental property. I ran an analysis through a fine-tuned spreadsheet, using a range of assumptions about rental rates and operating costs, and everything checked out.

The seller accepted the offer, and we entered into a legally-binding contract. I sent over an escrow fee, dispatched an inspector to the property, and felt that everything was going well. 

Then I received the inspection report.

I’ve read countless seemingly-scary housing inspection reports over the years, and I’ve learned to distinguish the signal from the noise. 

But this was serious. I’d been an investor for several years by this point, and I knew enough to recognize the severity of the report’s findings.

So I pulled out of the contract. This was insanely emotionally difficult. I felt the pain of sunk costs, both from the many hours of my time I’d spent analyzing this property and from the $450 that I paid the housing inspector. I felt the loss of “what could have been.”

But I knew that the emotional weight of sunk costs shouldn’t drive a six-figure decision. 

That was the first time I pulled out of a home sale contract. But it wasn’t the last.

Over the years, I’ve made this tough decision many times. I’ve spent thousands on inspection reports for homes I’ve never purchased. 

That’s not a mistake. It’s an expensive example of getting it right. 

Spending a small amount of money for good information, I’ve learned, is an investment that spares me from losing tens of thousands on a making a bad decision.

Not buying the wrong property is as important — if not more important — than successfully buying the right one.

When I started investing in rental properties, I also began sharing thoughts, lessons and observations on my website. I grew a community around this topic, and I noticed I kept hearing the same request over and over. 

The people in my community wanted an organized, centralized, start-to-finish roadmap that taught them everything they need to know to go from novice to landlord.

Five years ago, I began building a real estate investing course. I assumed I could finish building an ultra-high-quality course in six months. Rookie mistake.

Building this course took an intense three years of development. I hired a team and we spent three years surveying thousands of respondents, gathering tens of thousands of data points, and creating lessons that answer the most pressing questions on peoples’ minds. 

Our course tackles questions and solves issues like:

  • “I want to buy a rental property but everything in my local area is expensive, and I’m afraid of investing out-of-state.”
  • “I don’t know where to begin. If I invest out-of-state, how do I begin to choose a location? Where should I look? How do I learn about neighborhoods in a city that’s 2,000 miles away? And how would I begin to build a team there?”
  • I’m moving out of my home and I think I want to keep it as a rental property. Is this a good idea?”
  • “I have a busy full-time job and a family, and this all seems overwhelming.”
  • “I’m not handy. I don’t know anything about construction. How can I manage contractors when I don’t even know what to say?”

Done. Solved. Manageable. 

We built a course that teaches you how to handle all of that.

We rigorously tested, iterated and tweaked this course. We put the course through two rounds of beta-testers and sent more than 1,000 students through its doors. 

We’ve also hired Teacher's Assistants who are graduates from the Spring & Fall 2019 cohort, who provide fast, knowledgeable one-on-one and group support.

Speaking of which, let’s meet a few alumni from the course:

"The way you write really resonates with me because you have this...analytical approach, which I really appreciate."

- davide fossati

“I wanted to structure my knowledge and thoughts and get additional information [on real estate investing], and there was tons of that.”

- Martin Stockerd, D.D.S.

“This class has been an amazing confidence boost.”

"I wish I had this 10 years ago."

- james guanzon

Here are a few other YFRP graduates with their thoughts:

“The most helpful aspect of enrolling in the course was the road map the course provided that helped my husband and I tackle this new-to-us real estate investing venture together.

I’m not sure we would have had the courage to go through with the [duplex] purchase without the course. And I know we wouldn’t be as savvy in our decision-making - and there are a lot of decisions to be made - without the information we got out of this course.”

- Kaylee

“I didn’t know enough about real estate to have fully formed expectations going into the course, however the end result blew anything I would’ve had in mind out of the water. The level of detail for the immense scope of the course was awesome. The production made the content fun, interesting, and relatable, when it could’ve been textbook dry.”

- Alex Le

Here’s everything you need to know about this course.

This course is for beginner rental property investors who want to use real estate to build passive income and financial independence.

The course assumes that you live in the U.S. and want to buy rental property in the U.S., but it doesn’t make any assumptions about whether you’re investing locally vs. out-of-state. It’s designed for both situations.

(If you live in Canada, you’re welcome to join this course, but please be aware that all specific information about taxes and federal laws are U.S.-based.)

The first day of class is December 8th. This course is 10 weeks long and you’ll join an active community of your fellow students.

You’ll receive an email from us five days a week for the next 10 weeks.

Each email prompts you to login to the course so that you can: 

  • Watch that day’s video lesson(s) 
  • Take that day’s quiz
  • Participate in that day’s group discussion

You’re welcome to take the course at your own self-guided pace, if that’s what you prefer, and you’ll have lifetime access to all the material.

The course includes an astonishing number of resources, including worksheets, checklists, word-for-word phone scripts and email scripts, spreadsheets, and much more.

The quizzes test your knowledge of everything we’ve covered for the day, and the results point you to the exact spot in the written transcript where we’ve covered any information that you missed.

On the forums, our Teacher's Assistants answer your questions within 24 - 48 hours, and I host Office Hours sessions twice a week: on Tuesday and Thursday. 

If you can’t make it to Office Hours, don’t worry — you'll have access to video replays for all sessions, complete with timestamps for everything that we discussed. 

You can also learn from your fellow students, plus the alumni of previous cohorts, in our forums. (Hint: the forums are a great place to swap referrals and recommendations!)

And ... *drumroll* ... new for Fall 2020: Strategic Mastermind Groups.

We built these groups after recognizing a pattern in our students:

For a while, you’re casually learning at your leisure while also saving for a downpayment. This phase might last for a few months to a few years.

But then, something happens: you get a bonus, or a huge commission, or take out a loan, and you finally have the downpayment that you need. Or you’ve been making lowball offers for a few weeks, and one of your offers gets accepted, and now you’re in hair-on-fire mode, trying to arrange for inspectors and contractors and re-running your spreadsheet numbers like crazy.

In this phase, you’re in hardcore 'doing’ mode … and you need support from other people who are just as active and obsessed as you are.

We’ve built the support you need for when time is critical and every day counts: Strategic Mastermind Groups.

Here’s how it works:

When you find yourself in that hair-on-fire phase, you request to join a Strategic Mastermind Group. Once per week, you'll meet with four or five other students on a Zoom call. Our Teacher's Assistants host the calls, so all you need to do is show up with your thoughts, questions, and feedback for other students. Groups are encouraged to communicate outside of Zoom calls whenever an urgent matter arises in their real estate journey.

That covers the support systems available to you as a student. Let's switch to the course material.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the next 10 weeks:


How to analyze a rental property for its income stream and profit potential


How to search for a rental property, both locally and out-of-state, using both publicly-listed data as well as hunting for off-market deals


How to pay for a rental property, using both institutional (bank) loans as well as other creative methods


How to decide what level of renovation and improvement is fitting for the home, and how to speak intelligently with contractors so that you command their respect

Negotiate and Buy

How to navigate the complex process of purchasing the property (and how to spot pitfalls and red flags!)

Build a Team

How to attract, hire, evaluate, train and retain top talent


How to advertise for tenants, evaluate applicants, manage tenants, and process move-in/move-out day.

FAQs About the Course

(Click a question to expand)

“I want to invest out-of-state. Should I enroll?”

“I’d like to buy a rental property in the next 2-3 years, but I don’t have a downpayment saved yet. Should I enroll?”

"I can't travel during a pandemic! I want to invest out-of-state, and I don't want to fly on an airplane while Covid-19 is still a threat. What should I do?"

"My schedule is all over the place. Is it okay if I don't know when or how I'll fit the lessons in?"

“Will this course help me if I own rental properties, but have no idea how to manage them?”

“Does this class share the secrets to real estate investing?”

“I’m up to my eyeballs in credit card debt, and I don’t have an emergency fund. Should I enroll?”

“How many Your First Rental Property students buy their first property right after taking the course?”

What’s Inside This Course?

The course consists of educational videos, audio, transcripts, quizzes, worksheets, forums, checklists for your business systems and processes, word-for-word scripts that you can use when you make calls, canned responses that you can use when you send emails, and direct access to me through twice-weekly live Q&A Office Hours.

We also have Teacher's Assistants who answer questions in the forums, so you're never without support. Our TAs are paid alumni of the course who give back to the community by providing insight, encouragement, and clarification along your journey.

Here’s a 5-minute video that explains what’s inside the course. This video is part of the Welcome and Orientation portion of the course.

What Will This Course Cover?

This 12-minute video explains it well. The video is part of the Welcome and Orientation portion of the course, and within this video, I discuss why the course modules are arranged in the order in which they are. When you watch it, you’ll get strong insight into what’s inside the course — and why it matters.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate properties to see whether or not they’re a good deal
  • Find properties that most “retail buyers” aren’t finding
  • Understand a wide variety of different types of financing options
  • Negotiate for properties with improved skill
  • Understand the process of closing on a property
  • Understand the components of a house and be fluent in “contractor-speak”
  • Estimate repair and renovation costs
  • Build a team: agent, contractors, property managers
  • Screen and evaluate tenants
  • Set up a methodical system for tenant turnover (such as move-in / move-out processes)
  • Understand business and tax information related to rental property investing

You WILL NOT learn about:

  • Flipping houses
  • Commercial properties (such as investing in mobile homes, offices, retail space, apartment complexes greater than 5+ units)
  • Lease-purchase options

Where and When?

The course is online-only. You can access the lessons on-demand, from any device, at any time.

Enrollment is from November 30th - December 7th. The first ‘official’ day of class (when you’ll start to receive emails related to the curriculum) is December 8th.

Immediately upon enrolling, you’ll receive full access to the Welcome and FAQ modules, along with the forums and archive of Office Hours (40+ hours of content). You’re welcome to self-pace through the course at your convenience, as there’s no class schedule. However, we encourage you to move through the course with the group, so that you and your fellow cohort of students can interact in the forums, discuss the day’s lesson, bounce ideas off each other, and hold one another accountable for finishing the homework, quizzes and worksheets.

To encourage strong group cohesion, modules are dripped out at a set pace throughout the 10 weeks. Our students get better results when they work together!

You’ll receive a video lesson, quiz and/or other prompt 5 days per week for 10 weeks. Please set aside roughly 30 minutes per day, or 2.5 hours per week, to learn the material.

Of course, you have unlimited lifetime access to the course, including all future updates. The group pacing is an option, not a requirement. You’re welcome to revisit the lessons anytime you’d like, or take the class at a self-directed pace.

Many students find themselves getting off-sync with the student cohort midway through the material, usually after they get sick, take a vacation or get busy at work — and that’s normal and expected. We call it “Turtle Power.” You’ll see. 🙂

How Much is Tuition?

Tuition for Your First Rental Property is $997 with one payment, or three payments of $395 each. This includes lifetime access to the course material and lifetime support from our team.

YFRP on various devices

3 monthly payments of


a one-time payment of


This is the lowest price you'll ever find it. We never offer sales or discounts -- the price will only rise in the future. If you want this course at the lowest possible price, this is your chance.

We support our alumni for life! Once you're inside the course, you're forever part of the Your First Rental Property family.

There's never any "your membership has expired" garbage; there's never any upsell or premium tier. Other course creators do that, and it's vomit-inducing. Yuck. We don't treat you that way.

Once you're in, you're in forever, and you get ALL the updates and improvements that we build for future cohorts.

Once you enroll, you're a student for life.

"Why should I join?"

To save yourself from making an expensive mistake. (I’ve made plenty of those!) You can learn from the school of hard knocks, or you can learn in an online classroom.

Tuition is about the cost of ordering two housing inspections. It’s significantly less than you’d pay for a single class at a 4-year college or university. It’s substantially less than the fees and closing costs of just one refinance.

If this class can save you from losing/forfeiting $5,000 in an earnest money deposit, or if it can teach you to negotiate for an extra $7,000 in closing cost concessions, or if it can prevent you from taking out the wrong type of loan and spending $3,000 in refinancing fees, it will more than pay for itself.

As you continue to make smart decisions about rental property investing, this course will pay for itself over and over again.

If this class can spare you from buying the wrong rental property, just once, it could save you from making a six-figure mistake.

What YFRP Alumni Are Saying Across

Our Communities...

Meet Our Amazing Teacher's Assistants!

All of our Teacher's Assistants are alumni of the course. They've been exactly where you are, and they can't wait to help you along your real estate journey! They hang out in our forums to respond to questions within 24-48 hours, join Happy Hour discussions, answer questions alongside me in Introvert Hours, and host our Strategic Mastermind Group calls.

Alyssa joined the Teacher's Assistant Team in Spring 2020, and she's also our Strategic Group Coordinator. You'll see her on Happy Hour calls and in the forums! She lives in the Quad Cities with her husband and three cute-as-a-button house rabbits.

Karen owns four rental properties (one of which is a duplex) and was one of our first Teacher's Assistants back in Fall 2019! She and her husband are currently figuring out where they want to invest next - their rentals are located in Las Vegas, NV, Pittsburgh, PA and Portland, OR.

Natalie joined our Teacher's Assistant Team in Spring 2020! She owns five units with her husband: two duplexes (one of which they converted their personal residence into), and a condo in Corpus Christi, TX that rents successfully on Airbnb.

Sam enrolled in our Spring 2019 cohort and joined our Teacher's Assistant Team in Spring 2020! In early 2020, she purchased a duplex that she househacks. Sam rents out the spare bedroom in her unit as well as the other unit.

Still on the fence? We have a 14-day, iron-clad

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Hundreds of students have already had life-changing experiences with Your First Rental Property, and I'm confident you will too.

However, if for any reason you're not satisfied with the course, simply email us by December 21st and we'll refund you every last cent. Simple as that.

Please be aware that refunds are final. You cannot enroll in a future cohort if you refund.

This Sounds Awesome!

How Do I Enroll?

Funny you asked…

We look forward to seeing you inside!

If you have any questions about the course, email support [at] affordanything [dot] com and we'll respond within 24 hours!

Enrollment Closes In...


Hi! I'm Paula Pant.

I've been investing in rental properties for a decade; I've been an out-of-state investor for five years.

Over time, I've learned a lot of lessons the expensive way, through the School of Hard Knocks.

I'd like to save you from repeating those same struggles. I'd like to share the benefit of the wisdom, observations and lessons that I've accumulated over time. That's why I built the rental property investing class that I would have wanted when I was starting out.